Dossier "Künstliche Intelligenz, Biotechnologie und Ethik"
AGR21e-Zhang_NatPlants_Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to enable sustainable and precision agriculture
AGR22e-Xu_MolPlant_Smart breeding driven by big data, artificial intelligence, and integrated genomic-enviromic prediction
CLA19e-Harfouche_TrBiotech_Accelerating-Climate-Resilient-Plant-Breeding-by-Applying next-generation artificial intelligence
- REG22e-Wagner_Nature_AI predicts the effectiveness and evolution of gene promoter sequences_N&V
REG22e-Zrimec_TrendsPlantSci_Toward learning the principles of plant gene regulation
REG22e-Kenchanmane Raju_PlantCell_Machine learning models reveal the importance of time-point specific cis-...
POL23e-Ahmed_Science_The growing influence of industry in AI research

Dossier "Patente"
- Michael A. Kock, Open Intellectual Property Models for Plant Innovations in the Context of New Breeding Technologies in: Agronomy 2021, 11(6), 1218

Dossier "Tierethik"
Anne Eckhardt, Kurzgutachten Xenotransplantation, September 2023
- Präsenttion Nicolas Müller, Zoonoserisiken in der Xenotransplantation_20825
- Präsentation Leo Hans Bühler, Xenotransplantation, a possible solution for the shortage of human organ donors?_230623
Der Bund, zu Tierversuchen_230821
- EU/DG SANTE 2022-7609_Overview Report On the Protection of the Welfare of Laying Hens at all Stages of Production
- Präsentation Greta Guarda, Der Umgang mit Versuchstieren: Bericht aus der Forschungspraxis_230623
Präsentation Pawel Pelczar, Euthansia in Laboratory Animals, 230331
- Gutachten Xenotransplantation_Samuel Camenzind_2023

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