Nanobiotechnologie - eine ethische Auslegeordnung [Nanobiotechnology. An ethical review]

Contributions to Ethics and Biotechnology, Volume 1 (2006) - in German

Andreas Bachmann focuses on a particularly promising area of nanotechnology– nanobiotechnology. The aims of this discipline are twofold: to apply nanotechnological developments in the life sciences (“Nano2Bio”) and to use biological materials and designs to produce technical nanosystems (“Bio2Nano”). After some preliminary remarks on nanotechnology in general, the first part of the review highlights the enormous potential of nanobiotechnology with reference to (possible) applications in biomimicry, medicine, agriculture and nutrition (“nanofood”). The second part gives an account of the ethical aspects of nanobiotechnology discussed in the literature, namely risks for humans and the environment, equity (“nano-divide”), military applications, data protection, nanomedicine and enhancement. The ethical problems specific to each aspect are explained – without offering answers – in such a way as to promote a more structured debate as to the ethically appropriate management of nanobiotechnology.

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